Florida Mojo Volleyball

2023 Club Try Outs


Welcome to 2023 Florida Mojo Volleyball Try Outs

Welcome to 2023 Florida Mojo Try Outs August 6th and 14th!

Try Outs August 6th and 14th


Where: 805 Waterway Place, Longwood, Florida


Florida Mojo is offering the most modern, advanced, and intense training in central Florida. Mojo is under administration by the Head coach of Winter Park High, Jesse Day. Our program will consist of three, 2 hour practices a week (non tournament weekends) ages ranging from 9-18 years old.  We will have advanced skills training, and skills break down with strength and agility incorporated into our plans for all ages. We will offer Travel and Regional teams for those ages that are fit best for those levels.


Please have AAU membership updated with new Mojo Club code, Notarized Medical Release, and copy of player's birth certificate. Please be prepared to pay $45 Try out fee from this registration, or either at try outs in cash or check made out to Florida Mojo Volleyball. Please arrive 20-30 minutes early to check in and process paper work. 

Start Date:  August 10th

End Date: July 2nd-July 9th
A New AAU membership required at the beginning of August for 2023
AAU  Link to Site:  Click Here

2022 club code was W34WYA



Information for Try Outs will be collected in the pages to follow. Please make sure to answer and follow every question exactly in order to expedite the Try Out and team registration process smoother.


Please make sure that you are logged into the same SportsEngine account to register for try outs and for your team. This account does involved being linked with your USAV AND AAU memberships. So please try to keep your emails and accounts linked and accounted for. Which ever email you are logged into to register for either with, is the email that will be used for us through Sport Engine and your registration. NOT THE ACCOUNT YOU LIST.

Jesse Day

Club Director

Phone: 407-242-0740